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Hear it from the participants "We accidentally discovered the event online.

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If you want to pitch at the event tonight, come early, registration opens at 6 pm and we will check if we can get you a spot.

Candidates meet several startups, find out more about existing opportunities in the startup sector, can present themselves as possible new team members and also get to know their potential new work mates.

In India, the concept surfaced (not necessarily thrived, as a quick online search will reveal) more than 10 years ago and was quickly forgotten when young Indians discovered the joys of meeting new people at the swipe of a thumb.

So imagine our surprise when Pune girl Sukanya Raman and her friend told us they recently attended a speed dating session in the city and are looking forward to the next.

Startups have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to an audience of potential new team members, create awareness for their venture and interact with several interested candidates.

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