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I fought very hard to not be put into a box, and that gave us the fluidity to grow and not get stuck somewhere along the road. I feel that what happens often to artists is they are left alone until they have a hit.

MR: How has your creative approach -- writing and the recording process -- evolved or changed since success has been kicking in? Our first real hit felt almost like a fluke -- "Good Girls Go Bad" -- but immediately afterwards we had a lot more people giving us a lot more opinions.

I just fell in love for the first time, too.’ And that’s kind of how this song kind of came about.”You hear the title and you think, ‘Wow, this sounds like way too sad to be a Cobra Starship song,’ [but] it’s actually a very happy positive song.

So that’s like the lyrical side of it: the random night, the falling in love, feeling like you’ve finally seen a ‘you’ you never had before.” As for the musical side of it, t And Saporta says the band's comeback is flush with opportunities, thanks to their dynamic sound, “One of the things that’s been great about Cobra is, just because our style is so varied, we’ve been able to tour with so many different kinds of bands.

kinda." There's also a sneak-peek video at MTV, so check it out!

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