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Originally dedicated in August of 1945 as Coolidge Riverside Park, Coolidge Park was named in honor of Signal Mountain resident and WWII Medal of Honor Recipient Charles H. The remaining area will remain an open, accessible public green space that all residents and visitors can still walk through and use as they do today. Coolidge Medal of Honor Heritage Center startete diese Petition mit einer einzelnen Unterschrift und hat nun 408 Unterstützer/innen.

Join us in support of this important mission to remember the birthplace of the Medal of Honor and complete the park named for Chattanooga's own Charles H. Starten Sie heute eine Petition, um sich für Ihr Anliegen einzusetzen.

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Extremely professional and yet personal to the extent that it promotes both comfort and trust, listening thoroughly to the patient's problems and then discussing a plan of action that is both conservative and appropriate. Didn't rush me like other doctors have and was educating.

Dates for your Diary: Book Signing at the Wellness Center cocktail party between 7pm and 8pm Dr Nadu’s talk will be at the Clubhouse between 5pm and 6pm Nadu A.

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