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In turn, you present minimal disruption to your prospect, and minimal hiccups to their journey.

Customer service quality assurance can be problematic when the agent and consumer are crossing wires. With a multi-lingual communication channel, you can ensure consistency across customer relations.

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But from around that time parents, in an unwarranted way, started getting concerned about their children going into a strange family.’ A rule introduced in 2009 forced host families to undergo criminal record checks despite no evidence of any visiting children ever being abused.

It was swiftly overturned, but confidence in the system had already been damaged.

Brian Lightman, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: ‘There has been a cultural change, certainly in this country, and families are less willing to take someone into their own family.

They would much prefer for the children to go on a trip without the hassle of looking after someone at the weekend.’ Some schools have responded by still taking pupils abroad but under the care of teachers instead of exchange families.

Simply allow the website to use your webcam and it will connect you to another webcam from half way across the world.· could also use Tinychat.

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