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To get a temple recommend one must successfully undergo a recommend interview in which one meets with one’s bishop and another LDS Church leader (member of the stake presidency).In this interview one is asked, among other things if they: are a full tithe payer (10%), have abstained from coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol, are morally pure, and totally support and respect Mormon Church leaders.

The eternal significance of the questions of how to find—and become—a great marriage partner can feel overwhelming.

Within a framework of gospel teachings and real life examples, readers are invited on a step-by-step exploration of the path toward wedded bliss.

Can you explain the purposes of dating and the specific dating standards and guidelines set by the Church?

Or, do you know when it’s most appropriate to be involved in dating and steady dating (having a boyfriend or girlfriend)?

This caused me to wonder if my own children would be any different when their time came.

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