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So, she promised her daughter she would find Ozzy’s brother. Cathleen didn’t find the cat but, two years later, she did find Brian Herrera on a dating website.

Kathy Sousa, with the Petaluma Animal Services Foundation was thrilled.

This helps attract the right kind of man and makes you more discriminating and less likely to throw yourself at every Tom, Dick or Harry who looks your way.

If a guys play his cards right, your cat has the potential to fast track him to your heart. We’re better in bed because, “we’re used to being scratched and clawed,” (perhaps not a universal pro! But cats do wrap us around their little paw, so I can imagine how they, “teach us to find a mate who will cater to our every need…” Now that I can get on board with! 2 is actually a Pro when it comes to weeding out men, so the cats have this one locked down.

PETALUMA (KPIX) — This story begins in 2014 when Cathleen Cavin of Petaluma took her daughter to the animal shelter to get a kitten. “(Cathleen) notices a cat scurry by and she stops everything and says, ‘that’s my cat! “My first thought was, I hope the cats get along together, they’ve been separated for 3 years! Brian is quick to point out that they are not engaged — yet.

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