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Of course, both of them had a beef with the baddies. The dad in is Tyrone Power, Sr., possessor of splendiferous eyebrows. Canoodle until you’re interrupted by the town character.

(The young lady is Marjorie Daw, his most frequent female co-star in the 1910s.) Read my review here. Just don’t get above yourself and wallop your date, as Mary Pickford is doing to Buddy Rogers in . Again, this one is rather specific but it will add a certain spice and excitement to your relationship.

The dim lighting, swanky furnishings, and live jazz set the right ambience, and you can have a cheapish night out here: there’s no cover charge and none of the food options, which include a patty melt and pork-and-shrimp lumpia, cost more than $10.

The cocktails are pricier at $12 (with a 20% gratuity tacked on), but they don’t disappoint.

If you happened to be in Park City, you may have seen many of the celebs sporting the coveted Yahoo!

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