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Fowler, Robert Evans, The vintage freak, Jim Jannard, Mark Dice, Tabanka Crew African Peoples Dance Ensemble, Elegant Customs, Tinykittens, Lazy Sky, The Obama White House, Penumbra Tintype Portrait Studio, Atomic Vintage Festival, Turkey.

I thought he was strange at first, and then after I got to know him, I realized how strange he really was.

It was so much fun because I played Mary-Lou and the wife on the other planet; I aged, and then I even played David Bowie in one scene.

screens at the 2014 Lone Star Film Festival in Sundance Square on Saturday, November 8. Lone Star Film Festival organizers spoke with Clark about her career, from ?

Are there any special memories you have from that film? I thought he was perfectly cast as the man from another planet, although my character didn’t know that until midway through the movie.

Despite more than 50 film and TV credits, Candy Clark doesn’t mind that fans often ask her about only one: her signature role of “Debbie Dunham,” the somewhat ditzy, bouffant-haired blonde who purred, “I just love it when guys peel out,” in George Lucas’ semi-autobiographical coming-of-age hit, is among the American Film Institute’s “100 greatest American movies of all time.” “I’m grateful [for the role] because it’s every actor’s dream to have a movie or two that’s a classic. I went to the Academy Awards with Jeff Bridges, who was my boyfriend at the time …

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