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An infrared flash is going to produce a black and white picture and will be visible in the dark.

It produces a dull red glow that is not bright enough to catch your attention in the dark but if you looked right at it, it would be visible.

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Most recently, the veteran MC released his second collaboration sneaker with Reebok called the Reebok Ventilator Supreme Cam, seven months after dropping the first shoe, the Reebok Ventilator Supreme Purple Haze. What they do is give me different options and I’m the one that says yes or no.

While focused on fashion, the Harlem rapper is also gearing up for the release of his new mixtape, : Your second collaboration sneaker with Reebok is inspired by your famed early 2000s pink fur coat and hat. Reebok has a team that handles the creative aspect of the shoes and they’ll send me different samples and I’ll be like, “No, no, no, no,” and then we’ll finally come up with something that I like.

A lot of people want to buy it from me but I keep it for memorabilia.

The Ventilator Supreme Cam was the sneaker that resulted from this partnership. I linked up with Stance socks; we did our third collaboration with them.

A light on the front of the camera labeled TEST will blink when the camera is detecting motion.

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