Breastfeeding hook up

Socially: Turn off your phone, text message alerts, and email alerts.

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Nearly two thirds – 63 per cent – said they would be worried about breastfeeding in front of strangers while 44 per cent were wary of doing so with friends.

Fifty-four per cent said they were concerned their babies were getting too little or too much milk, while 51 per cent claimed breastfeeding would ‘tie them down’ and prevent them ‘doing what they want’ when it came to work, family or friends.

Mamava, a mother-owned company out of Burlington, Vermont, grew out of this vacuum.

The company produces freestanding nursing pods that contain seats, a table, outlets and a locking door.

A Lancet study in January showed only 0.5 per cent of UK babies are still given breast milk after a year compared with 23 per cent in Germany, 56 per cent in Brazil and 99 per cent in Senegal, West Africa.

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