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(Although it can be a heck of a lot of fun, if you have the money.) A virtual tour is very similar to the traditional live tour.The biggest difference being, there are no extensive travel, no travel related expenses, no need to try to figure out how to take 2, 6, or 12 weeks off work.Use your finger to swipe over to Live to get started with Instagram’s Live broadcasting feature.

Self-promotion in the music industry is a topic that has been explored extensively over the past 20 years. The worst faux pas is messaging companies or industry people through networks such as Facebook.

Some of the basic ground rules are the same that apply to any business or freelancer. These often go unanswered, as these networks are riddled with spam, and real messages get lost in the shuffle.

Blood work was also done to determine the sex of the bird, and the lab results are in! Read about Honor’s amazing rescue and return to the nest. Teachers who would like to set up a private Q & A for their class, please email [email protected] We apologize that not every comment and question can be approved/answered/acknowledged and appreciate your understanding!

Why am I having trouble participating in LIVE Q & A? Sometimes our LIVE Q & A Chatroll account reaches the max capacity of participants and you may not be able to join.

They then travel to each city, spend time at each location playing their music and possibly spending time with the audience in an effort to sell their music and merchandise.

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