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In and through the Department of Gender Studies, we join together in the spirit of mutual concern, good will, and respect.

Gender Studies is a transdisciplinary department engaging students in the study of gender and the intersection of gender with other substantive categories of analysis and identity, including race, sexuality, class, disability, and nationality.

This means that we hold to the highest standards of civility in our classrooms and department cultures; we are committed to the inclusion of diverse voices, experiences, and opinions, and we commit to the value of dignity in all our dealings with one another.

This policy is meant neither to proscribe nor to inhibit discussions, in or out of the classroom, of complex, controversial, or sensitive matters, including those involving sex, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, sexual behavior, race, or gender identity or expression, when in the judgment of a reasonable person they arise for legitimate pedagogical purposes.

Each semester numerous events raise awareness on this important topic and promote sex-positive messages.

During New Student Orientation, each new Hoosier is introduced to the importance of creating a culture of care on campus.

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