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And with all of the odds against them, then there's no telling what will bre... Septicemia is the result of bacteria invading the blood (bacteremia). Draculaura needs to help her parents take the night off from watching her little sister, and she knows that she's going to get a nice paycheck by the end of her time spent there, so at least they c... Pick up capsules of medicine to grow and move faster, but avoid the infected cells ... Dress up as a pretty young girl as she makes her way through the Hollywood Halloween party!: This adorable minion lady here is about to give birth to her baby minion. s only a few minutes away of meeting her bundle of joy but not before her doctor runs a last check-up to make sure sh... Is she a snake queen from the darkened depths of a faraway jungle with the could blooded soul of a reptile and the eyes to match or is that just a saucy costu... Launch a campaign of epic blood shed and heroic victory while defending your homeland from the evils of the outside world. In this mini-game, your job is to attach a leech and suck out as much blood to and from unsuspecting beach-dwellers at the lake as they walk into the water! She doesn't want anyone to notice her slip out the back kitchens and drink the blood of some wandering v...Ultimately, Harry realises he must accepts his role as The Chosen One, and his destiny to either kill or be killed by Voldemort, as neither can live while the other survives.

Despite the danger, Harry and his best friends, Ron and Hermione, return to the familiar life of Hogwarts for their sixth year. As well, this book sees the re-introduction of the Slug Club, along with the appointment of a new Potions teacher, Horace Slughorn.

They find yet another Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher: Professor Snape. Romance again comes to Hogwarts, and is a welcome balance to the grim happenings elsewhere.

Get your patient drunk with alcohol to numb the p...

This beautiful vampire has been seen biting people walking the streets at night!

But right as he kicked his shoes off and prepared for a relaxing day, a ship from a d... You can choose from 2 weapons, a mace and an Axe, to score some good points with a little violence and fun. Take the role of a medic officer on the field, performing new-found surgical techniques.

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