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Personal Black Berry devices are not allowed on the Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) and thus cannot be synched with your Exchange. Option one is through the Black Berry device To setup your cyrus email on a Black Berry device go to go Setup Email Settings and click Move to transfer the email settings to the new device. Option two is through the Black Berry Internet Service website Click on your carrier's BIS account page and setup an account using your device's IMEI or ESN and PIN number. Each account will populate an individual email icon on your Black Berry. To synchronize your Black Berry with your Exchange account (Outlook) the device and line must be supported by CUIT. There are two ways to setup your cyrus email on a Black Berry 1.After clicking okay (and entering your password if one exists), click Synchronize.

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Microsoft Outlook is undeniably the best feature rich application blending your online and offline transitions perfectly with its proficient capabilities on all your emails, contacts, calendar and meetings.

To begin with, Microsoft Outlook gives you incredible capabilities, and one of these is your delegate access. To make it easy, it’s like having someone to create and manage your meetings, on your behalf.

" This question comes up once or twice a month, generally from a new user who is dumbfounded their expensive new smartphone can't do something their last three dumb phones did automatically. If you change the clock, you change the time reference for appointments. I agree, it would be better if the phone "knew" I changed time zones. All it knows is that there is a 1-hr discrepancy between "time" and "network time." It could prompt you with something like Now that would be smart! Another solution would be to decouple the calendar from the clock.

I'm offering this post to elaborate on the Blackberry FAQ, cited below, and to offer a real life example of how the Rim technique works. An ordinary cell phone without an integrated calendar doesn't have to care about appointments and so can automatically switch time zones, by simply displaying the network time. Thus, Blackberry's don't change time zones automatically because that would cause appointments to be shown incorrectly, if the appointments were entered in the wrong time zone. Again, phones without calendars can just display network time and not have to worry about time zones.

In this article, we will guide you through the use of the Calendars various functions.

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