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By the time Amy gets the barwoman’s attention, her wine is gone.

“I’m just showing this woman the door behind you.’ Amy nods her thanks and takes a larger than normal gulp of her beer… She forces herself to stop and puts her glass back on the counter. She hasn’t drunk like this since she was a student. The red wine drinker is picking up a now full glass of wine and is heading for the door. There is the happily married wife who also likes women, the young trans man who has a boyfriend and a girlfriend, the gay man who was alarmed to find himself fantasizing about a woman at work.

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© She opens the door to the pub and the warmth immediately hits her. Set back from the fire are people sitting at tables, looking serious, frustrated and earnest. She looks over to the voice and sees a young man, mid twenties, wearing a bright pink shirt and waving a piece of paper. ’ he prompts, looking expectantly from table to table. There is a woman on the far side of the circular bar, who looks about her age, drinking a glass of red wine. She meets her eyes and registers an emerald green eyebrow stud. Shame, bewilderment and anger are shared at being shut down, ignored and vilified. Gender and orientation become blurred, lines and borders fade and become more like wiggles that continually change form.

’ she hears a male voice shout from the corner table, at the far end of the room. The woman with the flower tattoo turns around briefly. There is a man who knew when he was thirteen and a woman who didn’t know until her mid thirties.

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