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It’s a simple, lovely ritual, and part of living in Central Oregon: acknowledging your fellow humans with a nod and a smile and maybe even a greeting as you pass. I’ve learned to smile (a genuine smile, by the way) at strangers since moving Bend.

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I'm looking for love, maybe dinner see what Happens...

It’s a gorgeous place, the seasons are breathtaking, though they take some getting used to (you can never ever leave the house without layers; the temps vary so much that I’m constantly adjusting: sweater on, sweater off, why am I wearing boots now that it’s 68 degrees? Still, I love seeing my out-of-town friends’ faces when our 10 Barrel brunch bill arrives. Smiling at strangers has become such a habit for me (mind you: a conscious habit, I actually feel the joy that spreads across my face when strangers return the smile), that when I’m in a bigger city, I find it jarring that people don’t look at each other and take a moment to connect.

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Suffice it to say, if you’re considering moving to Bend, either bring your own network of close friends, or bring a couple year’s supply patience. I still haven’t found mine, but I’m not discouraged.

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