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According to Heather Phares (University of Michigan, arts editor at The Michigan Daily), the genre reached its first high point in 1986/87. Many of these labels and artists ceased activities over the years or changed the musical direction, incorporating elements of other genres such as ambient, trip hop and drum & bass.

At that time, Siouxsie and the Banshees released their studio album Tinderbox, followed by All About Eve's In the Clouds, A Primary Industry's Ultramarine, and Cocteau Twins' last ethereal E. In the early 2000s, two Cocteau Twins tribute compilations, Dark Treasures (Cleopatra) and Half-Gifts (Dewdrops Records), have been released, underlining the band's significant influence on the ethereal gothic sound.

The Berklee-educated singer's warbling, gravelly voice is unlike anything I've ever heard before since folk singer Karen Dalton: it can go from timid to punchy and snarling in zero seconds flat (like in the track "Black and Blue").

And her new album is one of those "never a dull moment" kind of eclectic collections that will establish her as a very promising new voice on the rise.

Sadly, they haven’t had much traction in Australia, and Roads puts this down to their music not reaching the majority of their fans in our more rural areas.

Interviewing bands and getting to know the people behind them is what I do best.

From this point on, music journalists found it impossible to describe the band's work without resorting to the word ‚Ethereal‘.” – Peter Buckley, The Rough Guide to Rock “... band Area debuted with Radio Caroline while Vazz from Scotland, a former new wave/synthwave band, brought out Feverpitch that follows the footsteps of the Cocteau Twins. And they all used choruses, flangers and other effects pedals to create a certain kind of sound.” – Kevin Shields, My Bloody Valentine The label features some of the most well-known names of the US scene (Love Spirals Downwards, Lycia, etc.).

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