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ATOMIC Ballroom is the most popular dance studio in Orange County (OC) to learn the art of partner dancing.

Whether your preference is classic Ballroom, sultry Salsa and Latin, or crazy Swing we've got some of the best instructors in the world whose tutelage will change your life.

Romance tops it all, though, as Dominicans are as poetic as it gets.

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It’s as if there is an unspoken rule against touching people you do not know.

While this is generally good advice, it can be an obstacle when learning dances that demand closer contact.

Take a private lesson, join a group class, or attend an evening dance. Make your first dance something you will always remember.

There are friends to be made, steps to be learned and fun to be had.

*fans self* And hey, don’t judge – it’s not like they’re trying that hard to hide, ok?! SO THERE YA HAVE IT, 12 out of an endless list of sexual tension-filled moments as a dancer.

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