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Every time you go out on a date, you open up the gate wide and invite someone in to enjoy your fruits before you know they are trustworthy. This act of gatekeeping protects our hearts and helps us to avoid making quick emotional decisions that cause more relational havoc.Unfortunately, instead of caring for your plants, they ravage your garden. Good questions can save you months of heartache if you listen to the answers and move forward based on reality (rather than an idealization of a Disney/fantasy relationship). Here are four that you should try to cover on any first date.1. This very direct question might surprise your date.

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If you could lock up one person in a mental institution, who would it be?

If you could project yourself into the past, were would you go?

Most people are used to playing games and waiting for months to discover the other person’s agenda.

But really, why wait and get emotionally involved only to have your heart broken when could’ve gleaned this information on the first date?

As a coach I listen a lot more than I talk, it’s the nature of what I do.

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