Are erin and maks dating

For their freestyle dance, the couple chose to do a contemporary, lyrical-style dance that had them doing all kinds of flips, spins, rolls and passionate embraces on a bed.

We also happened to notice Chmerkovskiy’s comment during rehearsals that (intentionally?

Erin Andrews' intense court testimony continued on Tuesday, when she detailed the emotional damage she's endured since naked videos of her taken without her knowledge or consent hit the Internet in 2009.

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"I understand that I will always have to get treatment for this," Andrews said. It is work to me." "I have done interviews and posed on the red carpet, half the time rolling my eyes and being like, ' Can we just go? Andrews is currently living with her boyfriend, NHL hockey player Jarret Stoll.

"I will always need to go talk to somebody about this." "This will always be on the Internet," she continued, adding that she's constantly paranoid that everyone has seen her naked video. The two were introduced by Andrews' close friend, TV personality and former NFL pro Michael Strahan. I want to be the sports girl, the host that he is so proud of.

Tom Bergeron, usually the one ready with the quick-witted responses himself, had to give Chmerkovskiy props on that.

“You know in 10 seasons, ‘It’s not the bed I rehearsed on’ is my favorite excuse ever.” But no excuse was necessary tonight.

"I'm absolutely hoping Maks comes back to the show. I think there's a number of different things we can talk to him about and the way he'd be involved in the show.

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