Are ashley green and jackson rathbone dating dating for 4 years anniversary gift

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It's one thing when you're a guy and you're in a three-piece suit and you're like, 'It's a little cold outside,' and then the girls in their dresses and their arms are exposed, their legs are exposed, they're all freezing. 'Oh, it's chilly out here, I better button up my blazer,' " he joked.

In addition to the chilly temperatures, Rathbone and his onscreen love interest also had to face a few challenges with regard to their safety during a little flip action during their characters' dance scene at Edward and Bella's reception. "She was an amazing trouper letting me do it, because it's dangerous, it's scary.

This relation was set three years ago, that become stronger with passage of time.

She looked much excited during lunch at American cuisine; they were with hands joined at the celebrity hot spot.

It was May, we hadn't long finished working together on Eclipse.

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