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Aol adult chat

Old post I know, but I read somewhere that due to the numerous child predators that would lurk the chat boards, there was a public outcry and most ISP's did away with them.

Interesting, I used to frequent chat boards and did the instant messenger thing from 2001 until about 2005. made some long time friends- why did they remove them?

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AIM Chat has been removed from and previous versions of, but it's still available on AOL Desktop 9.6.

I kept my modem on top of a throw pillow to muffle the noise and not wake up the entire house during late hours—prime time for usage, because no one would call the house and interrupt the connection. At first, being online was a fairly limited experience; there were some message boards, some chat rooms, a few rudimentary games, and, of course, those quirky . Most of my time was spent bouncing around chat rooms, discussing hip-hop, superheroes, video games, and living on Long Island.

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