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Kat Van Kirk, board certified Clinical Sexologist and licensed Marriage and Sex Therapist. Older woman loses sensitivity...can't come together or inside her..masturbation bad for health? It's the holiday season and why not surprise your partner with a unique gift? Kat and Ross share their thoughts on different sex toys that are available - plus they answer your questions.

Join my gay boyfriend, Ross Martineau and I on the couch with a cocktail as we dish about sex and relationships.

She put on her wedding ring, diamond earrings that matched, along with a matching diamond solitaire necklace.

She wasn’t dressed to thrill, but she couldn’t help but look hot.“Where are you off to dressed like that? They had been married for five years, and Amy, although very sexually free at home, was incredibly faithful and quite shy away from her man.

Statistics show that more people, every day, are looking for alternative means to find their true soulmate, or just find someone to spend time with.

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