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This is a lot for every national team to be all at once, which is why so few teams break through the national consciousness anymore. Baseball is a tricky sport that requires a specific sort of preparation: These guys are paid a lot of money to go get themselves hurt in what is essentially an exhibition. But that idea, the notion that The Best Players won't be playing for Team USA and That's A Problem, is at the heart of what Americans are missing about the Classic.

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The MLB is known for its ‘World Series’ which is an annual championship series and was first contested in 1903 between Pittsburgh and Boston.

“I really love old photos and I believe that correct colourisation and art can bring a little harmony and beauty to the world,” said Natalia.

“If an entire nation is crazy over something, it’s not too much to ask to try and understand what it means.” More than a century later, Americans are still crazy about baseball.

Major League Baseball is the second-largest professional sports league in the world by annual revenue ($9.5 billion in 2015), second only to the National Football League.

It can't be the underdog because there are too many good players.

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