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New Format Diary of Ignace Reiss Reveals Criminal Methods of GPU – Young Communists Die Shouting Defiantly: “Long Live Trotsky! Trade Unions House Group Adopts Huge Navy Budget New York Soviet Consulate Picketed to Protest Trial Yezhov ‘Favored’ for Nobel Peace Prize!

” The Drive Is On The Budget All Trails Lead to Stalinist Camp in the “Robinson”-“Rubens” Case, Roosevelt Confers with Big Business to Save Capitalism 2 CIO Leaders Urge Lewis to Talk With AFL New French Crisis Stirred by Break in the Popular Front Moscow Admits ‘Robinsons’ Held for ‘Espionage’, Boss Court Holds Beal On Old Score – Gastonia Strike Leader Menaced Roosevelt in Huddle With Businessmen New Jersey Steel Workers Win Strike In Heart of the Notorious Anti-Labor Mayor Hague’s Own Hudson County Rivera Resigns from Modern Monthly, Green Joins with Legion and DAR in Patriotic Anti-Japanese Display Britishers Refuse to Load Japanese Ship Special Offer Akron Branch Plans to Widen Mass Work Life In the Soviet Union Today (cartoon strip), Browder Backs F. Shachtman Talks on Trials to 800 Socialist Party Ready to Liquidate Itself Into American Labor Party Widick Begins Labor Tour at Boston, Lynn Goshen Rubber Workers Kill Fake Union Move Stalinist Moves Against Defense of Beal Crumble Roosevelt Price Policy Shows Economic Drop, An Open Letter to Members of the Communist Party Lenin’s Aides Shot – GPU Court Decrees Death for Eighteen After Farcical Trial Anti-War Struggle Only Reply to Hitler – Fascism Lashes Austrian Labor Navy Departs for Pacific War “Games” Frame-ups? Says Anna Strong Loyalist Spain in Peril of Collapse 2,000 Meet to Denounce Trial Lenin’s General Staff of 1917 – Stalin, The Executioner, Alone Remains (photo gallery) Soviet Consulate Picketed in Frisco Mooney Wages New Battle to Gain Liberty Stove Workers Win Sit-Down Victory Lift Charters from Four WAA Locals in Pa. 10,000 Ohio Gum Miners Mass to Protest Wage Slashes Minneapolis Electrical Workers Vote to Strike Roosevelt War Aims Denounced at New York Anti-War Meeting Bankruptcy of Roosevelt’s Reform Program Laid Bare by Gov’t Acts, “The Church Militant” Labor Alone Can Prevent Spain’s Doom Stalinists Try to Oust Martin from UAW Post Stalin Purge Extended to Polar Heroes Navy Maneuvers Proceed Under Close Secrecy Minneapolis Takes the Lead!

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