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He would recall the fixed expression in her eyes; how she stood looking at him like a hurt, bewildered child.'To put any rumors to bed about her and Holden, Paramount, the studio to which she was signed, decided to stage an evening at Holden's house during which Hepburn would announce her engagement to Ferrer.

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Rhodes." While the series failed to live up to its hype and didn't finish out its first season, it proved a good jumping off point for the actress, who went on to land roles in the films "The Last Time I Committed Suicide" (1996, aired on Cinemax in lieu of wide theatrical release in 1997) and "In & Out" (1997).

Playing the best pal of Breckin Meyer's California-bound small-town boy in "Dancer, Texas" and starring as a sexy scientist in the Aerosmith video "Hole In My Soul" raised her profile some in 1998, before she had a breakout role as the anorexic reigning beauty queen in the comedy feature "Drop Dead Gorgeous" (1999).

This doesn't last long, however, and they make the decision to hide their relationship from the school.

In The One With Joey's Fridge, Ross mistakenly thinks that Elizabeth wants to go on a trip with him and is very relieved when she only wants to tell him that she's going on Spring vacation with her friends.

It was intense, and Holden's wife knew that this time she had a fight on her hands for her husband, who had strayed before It didn't take Ardis long to realize what she had to do; as soon as they closed the front door and waved her goodbye 'the gloves came off and (she) went into attack mode', author Edward Epstein writes.

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