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It probably goes to show just how many people re-use emails and passwords for years and across multiple services.If people just changed their details more often, these sorts of long-game hacks just wouldn't be viable.The purpose of the act is to protect foreign women from being stalked, abused, or held in the United States against their wishes.

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We all have an increasing number of sites and online services we’re members of, and sometimes it all gets a little overwhelming.

At times, we just need to delete our memberships to some sites, either in an effort to simplify our lives or just because we’ve grown tired of a particular site or service.

There's the Arizona man who shelled out $2,000 for plane tickets to fly in a Russian beauty who had written to him, breathlessly, "Every time, when I reading your letter, my mood become well and my heart is knocking so strong! Or the guy in Australia who defrauded a bunch of elderly people of their money to transport his Internet "girlfriend," a "North American model," to Australia. Still, even in the wake of all the alleged fraud and abuse, efforts to regulate Web dating have been limited.

In addition to the CDA, Congress last year enacted the Mail-Order Bride Business Act, which attempted to regulate the 200-plus mail-order bride services operating in this country.

Social networking sites My Space and Tumblr were reportedly breached several years ago but stolen IDs of millions via the attacks were recently put up for sale, reports BBC.

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