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The party said he had not worked on genealogy but he said you had or were.

Already I've been in contact with several of your line - the Walter Wogslands, a John at Menominee Falls and the Rev. What I've been seeking is a possible trace of my own grandfathers family members.

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- In the age of technology with literally everything at your fingertips, meeting people online has never been more popular but it also comes with risks, according to Jonathan D' Angelo, a University of Wisconsin-Madison communication technology researcher."It's very easy for individuals to lie online and adults can be a target of this deception. Especially in older adolescents as they see friends using apps or communicating online it's important for friends just to be knowledgeable about both what is out there and how kids are using it," D' Angelo said.

Minors may be a target who are more vulnerable to this type of deception," D' Angelo said. According to a 2105 Pew Research Center study, 92 percent of teenagers go online mostly on their phones.

After it shows the area that you are interested in, select from the options below to print your map.

With over 55 different frats and sororities to pledge, you can’t go wrong when trying to find a whole new network of brothers or sisters at UW-Madison. If you have a good academic record, but you don’t do anything else, you probably won’t get in,” said Newman.

The agents both suffered non-life threatening injuries and were treated and released from local hospitals, said Garrett Croon, a spokesman for the FBI's Chicago office.

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