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@JAM, yes lad and lass are good but neither can be applied to both sexes.

Youth can, but only when applied to groups, not individuals. The fickleness of youth will apply to young people of either sex..

New research suggests that men may reap financial rewards by engaging in a bit of casual chitchat before a negotiation. Psychological scientists Brooke Shaughnessy (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), Alexandra Mislin (American University), and Tanja Hentschel (Technische Universität München) concluded that a bit of schmoozing can help men—but not women—walk away from a negotiation with a better deal, as well as better long-term business relationships.

“The results of these studies strongly support the notion that men and women, in the same situation, engaging in the same behavior, result in distinct reactions due to the behavioral expectations associated with their gender,” writes Shaughnessy and colleagues.

After reading the transcript, the students rated how likeable, cooperative, and trustworthy they found the negotiator.

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