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As the boys attempt to develop the father-son relationship they never had, tension builds with Sandberg’s fiancée, played by Leighton Meester. Now, you’ll be getting another peek of her in a role that she hopes will launch her acting career.The trailer is full of laughs and the slapstick humor that has become Sandler’s signature, which should make this a great choice for people looking for a laugh among the summer’s more serious films. The rising star, who’s been compared to model Brooklyn Decker, still pinches herself when she thinks about playing a bridesmaid in the upcoming Happy Madison film, .Jack’s wife (Katie Holmes) and kids, must deal with the sibling bickering.

" said Dave Matthews, who has a small but memorable role as an egocentric resort-goer.

By Molly Jacob and Melissa Tierney It’s time to light the Menorah and get ready for gifts from Hanukkah Harry, and celebrities are no exception.

They even improvised some of the film's funniest lines. Jennifer was very uncomfortable in scenes with her brother—I'm brotherly to her—so a brother being that close, she started ad-libbing," Adam jokes.

"Like: 'Let me say something funny because your big nose is about to hit me.'" How well do you know Adam? Adam says Jennifer gets some of the biggest laughs in the movie. '" Jennifer wasn't the only one who remembered Oprah's birthday!

Decker, too, approved of that keep-it-in-your-pants counsel, even if her big-screen counterpart did not.

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