3rd party apps for blog updating

If you are tired of taking an unnecessary amount of time out of your day in order to load what you want to surf, or you just want to preemptively avoid having slow connections, then here are some tips and tricks that will surely speed up your Internet connection!

Just like with a walkie-talkie, numerous routers can share a channel, and most come defaulted on the same channel.

OS X Mountain Lion supports display mirroring via Air Play on systems containing 2nd generation Intel Core processors or later.

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You can change your router’s channel on your router’s administration page under the “Wireless” tab.

Computers choose a DNS (Domain Name Server) automatically, but can sometimes choose a bad one that results in slow processing of information.

With the open source implementations of the Air Play protocol any computer can now be turned into an Air Play receiver.

Gain complete control over feature deployment using feature flags and targeted rollouts. Accelerate your entire development lifecycle, optimize feature impact, and sleep better at night.

Rollout’s ability to hot-patch production bugs removes any sense of doubt or hesitation when releasing new updates.

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