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Stereoscopic 3D can add another level of immersion by adding depth data between the foreground and background.

Your favorite 3D blockbuster films are typically shot with 2 lenses side by side, to give you a feeling of a different vantage point per eye.

In a You Tube video highlighting the dangers 3D printable guns, Andrew Schipione, the commissioner for New South Wales Police, urges the public not to download the Computer Aided Design (CAD) files for the gun, known as the Liberator.

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If the video sharpens after a few seconds and you're still not happy, try another video.

It's entirely possible the first video you tried to watch was recorded with a lower quality 360-degree camera.

You Tube for PSVR is best used sitting down, and if your goal is to watch as much 360-degree video as possible, here's a quick guide for you!

In order to watch 360-degree video on You Tube, you need to make sure everything is updated.

Think of it like the face of a world map on a globe, but with VR your head is on the inside of the globe looking at the inner surface.

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